Herpes Information You Ought To See

Herpes is a disease that is caused by a virus. There are two types of herpes. Both are caused by a virus and they cause blisters to the area of infection. Herpes type 1 also known as oral herpes affects the mouth. It causes sores and blisters round the mouth in the nose and on the lips. The other one is called herpes type 2 or the genital herpes.

Both herpes type1 and type 2 are transmitted by sharing of fluids from an infected person to one who is not. It is very hard to tell whether one is a herpes carrier unless they have blisters or they are honest enough to disclose.

Oral herpes is transmitted via oral fluids. Kissing is the main transmitter while sharing of items such as toothbrush can also contribute. Herpes type 2 on the other hand is a sexually transmitted disease. It therefore can only be transmitted via sexual intercourse from an infected person to one who is not.

The herpes type 1 is able to stay in the body without any sign of its presence. It only shows up when it is triggered by such factors as exposure to direct sun heat hence irritating the skin or when one is having stress building up in them. Herpes type 2 is triggered by viral infections.

medicDoctors have shown that the population that has herpes is enormous. Most people though do not know that they actually have herpes, especially type 1. Herpes attacks people differently. There are those people that will have herpes recurrence more times than others. This is mostly dependent on the immunity of the body and also if one is able to avoid herpes triggers or they are becoming more exposed.

Though there is no herpes cure, there are ways in which one can control the effects. Use of medicine can help to suppress the virus effects hence reducing the reoccurrence of the blisters and the sores. There are also many ways that one can deal with the blisters and sores to avoid further infections. Washing of hands after one has touched the sore is one. Again, it is important to note that constant touching of the blisters can result to further infections on the wounds. If you touch the liquids on the blister and touch other parts of the body, it is possible for one to get new blisters on the new area.

One should always strive to ensure that the sores and the blisters are dry so as to allow for quicker healing of the same.  It is important to keep the area clean to avoid further infections. Warm water and soap will do. Cornstarch and baking powder will come in handy as they help in keeping the sores dry hence expediting healing. Crushed ice and tea bags will also help in the healing process.

It is possible to control the spread of herpes type 2 by ensuring that one remains faithful to their partners and that those who are not married should avoid any sexual exposures.